Shelby and Sandy

Irvine, California

Shelby and Sandy are two artists and brothers from California who began formally collaborating in 2003. Highly stylized and easily recognizable, their practice bring icons from their childhood zeitgeist to life with a minimalist, pop art flair. Nostalgia is parsed down to its elements. Simple compositions are expertly rendered through sophisticated craftsmanship. The precision and care with which the brothers work is evident in every detail, right down to the signature that they sign together on each piece. They say that every work is an even 50/50 split, each brother contributing their own unique strength towards a piece until they both deem it to be perfect and complete. Until now, Shelby and Sandy have been successful in building an online collector base without gallery representation. Their work can be found in the private collections of notable figures like Drake, Bradley Cooper, Mariah Carey, and Chief Keef to name a few.