Sell Your Art

Taglialatella Galleries prides itself on being a leading purveyor of blue chip art in Canada and abroad with a specialized focus on contemporary, pop, and street art. We would like to offer our expertise, robust network, and international reach to assist you in consigning works from your collection. If there is a piece that you wish to part ways with, our qualified team will activate all our resources to assist you in doing so.

How it works

To begin the consignment process, please submit works for review using the form below. Submissions will be reviewed in detail by our expert team and verified for consignment. Please provide images and a full description of the work to expedite the process, after which we will consider your work for consignment and, if approved, provide a complimentary estimate.

Once works have been approved for consignment, they will have the chance to be exhibited on our physical and virtual platforms. Consigned pieces will be featured on social media platforms with extensive reach, and displayed in one of our four international galleries in Toronto, New York, Palm Beach, or Paris.

The consignor and the gallery will settle on appropriate terms of sale prior to consignment. Any offers the gallery receives that fall within those sales terms will be shared with the consignor for approval. Once an offer is accepted, logistics between consignor, gallery, and buyer will be handled by the gallery’s registrar team.

Top Three Reasons To Consign Your Work With Taglialatella

Clients who consign with Taglialatella can expect to receive the highest level of seamless care and consideration throughout the consignment process. We place no obligations on the consignor and work to ensure you receive the most competitive offers. Clients can rest assured that while under our care, all their pieces will be fully insured. 

Taglialatella Gallery has been a recognized name in the international art world since its opening in 1978. The last four decades have witnessed sustained growth and expansion. As such, you know you are receiving advisement from, and access to, seasoned professionals. 


Our four galleries are uniquely situated in neighbourhoods that corner both culture and luxury. The streets of Yorkville in Toronto, Chelsea in New York, Worth Ave in Palm Beach and Le Marais in Paris are visited by international collectors and arts connoisseurs. We are confident that this is where the right buyer for your artwork will be found.

Consign Your Art